JA Council

Junior Achievement of South Dakota works closely with local businesses to develop a partnership.  This partnership helps us be successful by recruiting volunteers to share their expertise and/or to participate in our special events to provide the financial resources needed for implementation.  An internal JA Council utilizes the power of relationships to help recruit people to be involved with JA!

How does a JA Council work?

JA Councils are founded by company leadership who recruits others to assist in the efforts of three areas:  classroom volunteers, bowl-a-thon, and marketing.  Typically, a council consists of two or more people that are JA’s contact people for their company. 

What does a JA Councilperson do?

The roles of each member vary by company, because of each business’s unique needs.  The traditional council includes the following positions:

 ·Volunteer Coordinator – Leads the efforts in recruiting volunteers, distribute kits, and ensure they are    recognized internally for their participation.

 ·Bowl-a-Thon Coordinator – Leads the efforts in recruiting team captains for the Bowl-a-Thon event.  Helps identify ways to fundraise for the event that follow business guidelines.

 ·Marketing Coordinator – Leads the efforts in awareness within the company.  Works with the volunteer coordinator to find ways to promote recruiting and recognition efforts.  Additionally, will help the Bowl-a-Thon Coordinator publicize the event via email, posters, etc… in order to raise awareness and participation.

Do they have goals to meet?

Each company works to set goals for the number of volunteers and bowl teams to recruit.  The JA staff will work closely with each company to establish a goal based on data from the previous year.

How do I get involved?

Find the names of businesses who already have a council here or contact the JA office at 605-336-7318 to see if we can start a JA council where you work!