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Elementary School Curriculum
(K-5th Grade)

Middle School Curriculum
(6th-8th Grade)

High School Curriculum
(9th-12th Grade)

JA Resources to share with students

  • JA My Way provides students tips and tools for careers (resumes, job matches, etc.), finances (buying a car, saving for college, etc.), and how to start a business.
  • JA Build Your Future helps teens explore potential future income from a desired career and evaluate the cost of post-secondary education to help them make informed decisions.
  • In the JA Success Park app you are an amusement park employee and learn the skills you need to compete in today's job market by exploring rides and attractions.

JA Resources to share with parents

  • The Parent Resources tab provides interactive activities families can do together as well as other tips about how students learn about money, etc.

JA Influencer

  • Visit the JA Influencer Leadership Center to obtain educational supplements for high school students that cover workforce readiness, college costs, careers, entrepreneurship, and many other personal economics topics. 
  • Accounts of rising student debt, tight job markets, and other vital personal economic issues are all too common in today's news headlines.  This is why we at JA believe this is the perfect time to offer the tools and education students need to better understand and fight these difficulties.
  • JA Influencer was created with a generous grant from Voya Financial®